Lola´s   excursion Lanzarote

It´s a must

The purpose of Lola's excursion is to bring the best parts of the island and its intrepid travellers together. This island is much more than just its volcanic caverns. Come and join us! 

Building Best Memories for groups and families

 Professional local Guides

Our goal is to show you the "side B" of Lanzarote, those best- kept secrets of the Island that nobody has shown you before.

South Route

We will make a perfect day of tapas and natural pools, then we will see the landscape of Las Salinas and finish visiting the vineyards of LA Geria where you can taste their Malvasia wines

Teguise Route

Wonderful walk through history through the streets of Teguise, the island's ancient capital. Visit to Nstra Sra de Guadalupe Church,Typical Canarian brunch and LagOmar museum cave. 

NortWeste Route

The other North

Incredible bird's eye views of La Graciosa, stop at the oldest  winery in the north, bathing on the white beaches of the north and food by the sea. 

El Cuervo Volcan Route

Eternals by Marvel Film

Wonderful walk through one of the most famous volcanos of the island, before visiting Tenezar, a fishing village with a magical charm. Then we will eat at Famara and relax on the beach for the remainder of the day 

Arrecife Tour

Arrecife is the capital of the island and is very beautiful if you know exactly where to go. we will visit La Fermina, an island within the island. Then we visit the two castles of San José and San Gabriel, as well as the Charco de San Ginés ending our route in a visit to the new and bright shopping center of the capital Open Mall.

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